VP Marketing and Membership ― Latin America and The Caribbean (LAC)

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Is responsible for ensuring The CoP messaging, brand artefacts, online, print and other communications activities reflects and support the positioning, vision and purpose of The CoP.

Develops, contributes to, reviews and comment on or facilitate the procurement of advertising, promotion, sponsorship, PR and Communication solutions for The CoP, BIDEM and related projects and programmes.

Collaborates with the VP Corporate Strategy, Evaluation and Marketing (Diasporic Markets) to develop and deliver The CoP marketing plan and strategy.

Conduct online marketing, E-business development and Website promotions

Contribute to the member recruitment as well as Conference and Trade Show sales processes for:

Is supported by the VP Corporate Strategy, Evaluation and Marketing (Diasporic Markets) to ensure member solutions, marketing and communication is evidence-based, drives the delivery of the mission and vision of The CoP and BIDEM.  That marketing is grounded in robust planning, the principles and practice of behaviour change marketing, sustainable, social and economic development, is informed by influential evaluations and relevant to both diaspora entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Caribbean and Latin American Countries.