Biography Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson

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Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson, Dip Ed., BA, MBA, DBA, is a healthcare entrepreneur, educator, and community development advocate. He hails from the parish of Westmoreland in Jamaica; for the last 34 years he has been residing in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Davidson has the distinction of having travelled to most continents in the world. He is a graduate of Church Teachers’ College in Mandeville, Jamaica and was awarded a Jamaican Commonwealth Scholarship in 1984 to Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

He attended Universities in the USA earning degrees up to a Doctorate in Business and Healthcare Management. Dr. Davidson worked as an Educator for over Ten Years then moved into his own business as an Entrepreneur in Business and Healthcare for over Thirty Years as well as working as an Administrator in Home Health, Hospice, Non- Medical care Services, Health and Rehabilitation Specialist in a Clinic, Rehab and Hospital Setting He has extensive Credentials in Non-Profit work for over Thirty Years. Dr. Davidson is an expert on International Busines, Strategic Management, Technological Development, Leadership, Change Management, Human Resource, Human Capital Expert, Corporate Strategy, Organizational Structure, Financial & Performance Management, Measurement and Marketing.