The Genesis

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Founded March 2018, The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs™ (The CoP) was established to facilitate the development of mastery of entrepreneurship by Caribbeans in the diaspora and at home.

It is a CoP + MarketPlace, and is also known as the High-Performance Entrepreneurs’ Ring.

The CoP aims to fertilize, strengthen, manipulate, and boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which diaspora entrepreneurs operate for ensuring more entrepreneurs of Caribbean roots and their peer affiliates can pursue entrepreneurship that solves big problems, delivers economic freedom and financial independence.

The domain of The CoP spans talent, through to markets, support, culture, finance, policy, and training.

BIDEM™— The International Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs’ Conference and Trade Show was designed-in at the conception of The CoP as a medium for bridging several of the entrepreneurial skills gaps faced by diaspora entrepreneurs as well as some faced by their peers at home.

BIDEM stands for— bridged, high impact diaspora entrepreneurs to efficient diasporic markets.

The acronym BIDEM embodies and articulates key desired outcomes of the conference and trade show as well as The CoP.

It is the ultimate event for both first generation Caribbean immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs.

Canadians (with no Caribbean roots), mainstream entrepreneurs of OECD countries, other diaspora host countries, and Caribbean entrepreneurs at home will also find a welcoming home at BIDEM.

What is Unique About The CoP

It is that safe place where trust is built, collaborations, cooperation, friendships, and partnerships are forged― in a marketplace and research hub for delivering dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurship for and by Caribbeans.  In The CoP Caribbean entrepreneurs, their peers and their businesses will draw on connections, knowledge, opportunities, and support to help them thrive and grow.

The same is true for CoP members of the African community, immigrant entrepreneurs who are not native speakers of the English language, African Americans, and Canadian entrepreneurs with no history of entrepreneurship in their families.

The Community of Practice is that space were tacit and formal knowledge blends, and is transferred within the community among retired entrepreneurs, more seasoned, not so seasoned entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurs (over 18 years old), young entrepreneurs (those over forty who are embarking on their first business), individuals who have or are approaching retirement and are starting their retirement business, as well as startup entrepreneurs over the age of eighteen years old.

It is a coming together of entrepreneurs, researchers, entrepreneur support partners, funders, financers, and in some instances industry for learning, sharing, collaborating, cooperating, co-creating, selling, knowledge building, resource mobilization, and skills share in the sphere of and for advancing Caribbean Entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship of other member peers, and success strategies for our immigrant entrepreneurs.

The CoP welcomes collaborations and partnerships with governments and international development organizations.

At the Core of the CoP are:

What The CoP Is Not

It is not a Facebook group. Find out more at the link above.

The CoP is a knowledge sharing, active learning, market, and research hub.

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The CoP is the brainchild of Meegan Scott, and was founded as the main community give-back for celebrating the sixth anniversary of Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

Magate Wildhorse Ltd is the CoP’s founding sponsor and secretariat.

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