BIDEM 2020

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October 13-15 2020, Toronto, Canada

“Connecting the Roots, Building Networks Together for Profit and Purpose”.

Because we’ll never waste a crisis, you’ve got 1 more day of BIDEM 2020!

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Be with us October 13-15, 2020  when entrepreneurs with Caribbean roots and their peers from Canada and around the world gather in Toronto, Canada for BIDEM 2020. The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Magate Wildhorse Ltd, are the organizers of  this  year’s premier edition of the International Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs’ Conference and Trade Show. 

BIDEM 2020 is the ultimate Caribbean Entrepreneur Development Conference and Trade Show for both first generation Caribbean immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs. It presents a forum and marketplace for mainstream entrepreneurs; professional service providers; ministers of trade, investment, small business, economic development and immigration; investors, financial institutions, academia, the media, Caribbeans in various diasporic markets and at home to begin the process of catalyzing feasible and viable entrepreneurship for Caribbeans and diaspora entrepreneurs.

The event theme is, “Connecting the Roots, Building Networks Together for Profit and Purpose”.


To kick off  the delivery of BIDEM, that is bridged, high impact diaspora entrepreneurs to efficient diasporic markets! And to drive the growth of high impact mainstream businesses with that delightful ethnic flavor.

The event is organized to accelerate the reduction of the entrepreneurial skills gap faced by Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada and other Caribbean diasporic markets; Canadians with no history of business in the family; entrepreneurs of African descendent and other immigrants who face similar challenges, in particular non-native speakers of English. 

The skills gap include the barriers of foreignness, lack of trust, access to capital, sparse networks and lack of experience growing big businesses.  There are also barriers related how women think and do business versus men, and lack of market intelligence all of which will be addressed by the event.

Besides building entrepreneurship skills BIDEM will facilitate the coming together of mainstream business leaders, investors, academia, policy makers and their Caribbean peers with the aim of catalyzing the growth of businesses, number of businesses and their income from international sales. 

Event features:

A five-track conference and trade show programme that will be delivered over three days.

A meeting of minds and markets of Caribbean and mainstream host country entrepreneurs and big businesses.

Annually BIDEM will feature five to six elements for unblocking the desirability, feasibility and barriers to Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurship and the growth of strong businesses in the community.  

They are:

In addition, there will be a minister’s panel discussion. 

Segments of the Conference will be live streamed for expanding access.                                                                 

Thematic pillars:


At least 1500 delegates business leaders, investors, influencers, the media, governments, buyers, international development partners and consulting firms are expected to attend.

Trade show exhibitors and attendees including Canadians and international visitors , friends and family of entrepreneurs are expected to attend.  The trade show and conference will run concurrently.

They will come from the Caribbean and more so its diasporic markets — Canada, USA, UK, The Netherlands, The Middle East, Asia, Pacific and Africa.

Contact: Meegan Scott at 1 (647) 854-5323 for details

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