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Your sponsorship will help the weak and ambitious, the average, and strong entrepreneur members of the BCAME Community and mainstream entrepreneur members of The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (The CoP) and their partners to :

  • attend trade shows and market meeting events;
  • boost capacity, reduce the skills to experience gap;
  • increase capability and boost capability;
  • improve and expand marketing and online sales;
  • support the re-opening their businesses ;
  • accelerate reskilling and future proofing skills in host and home markets;
  • helps to finance The CoP’s entrepreneur and diaspora private sector-led social and economic development programme;
  • help new entrepreneurs access support The CoP Way;
  • as well as expand and strengthen their social networks.

Our sponsorship packages presents an opportunity to improve the results of your Corporate Social Responsibility commitment as well as the return on investment in marketing and event attendance.

It presents an opportunity to contribute to the inclusive business dream by helping to build the capacity of weaker businesses in your supply chain or even in add others to your supply chain with significant benefits to both host and home countries.

It is a deliberate and unique opportunity to make migration work for home and host countries and to bar against some of the expected post COVID contraction in international trade and supply chain challenges.

It ensures the enterprising who are economically active and doing business at or not far from the base of the economic pyramid (BoP); can put their brands in front of big or financially strong businesses. And that they can support your disruption strategy.

For that reason, our sponsor and exhibitor packages starts as low as US $200 plus plenty of opportunities to win a free exhibitor space as well as in-kind sponsorship opportunities for the weak but ambitious.

Sponsorship Opportunities closes September 25, 2020.

Secure your booth, advertising and sponsorship opportunity today!

Click the following link to find and invest in sponsor opportunities:

Sponsor and Exhibitor Guide

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