Meegan Scott Biography

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Meegan Scott, B.Sc. Hons, MBA, ATM-B, CL, PMP., is on a mission to help organizations and entrepreneurs grow profitable high-performance organizations. 

Corporate strategy planning, marketing, research, execution, and performance improvement falls within her practice terrain.  She is a Jamaican-born Strategic Management Consultant, owner, and founder of  Magate Wildhorse Consulting―Toronto & New York.

For almost two decades, she has helped organizational leaders across industries and geographical borders to get better results from their strategy development, planning, and execution processes. 

Her most recent in Caribbean engagements include Climate Finance Strategy Planning, The First Ever Outsource to the Caribbean Conference (2017), business incubation, and  corporate strategy planner to the National Environment and Planning Agency of Jamaica.

Meegan is also the founder of Caribbean Evaluators International; BIDEM International Caribbean Diaspora Conference and Trade Show; The Community of Practice of Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs, and author of The Marathoner, a self-syndicated business column. She also founded and serves as Chief Editor and Producer of The Noësis, Strategy and Performance Magazine/Journal. Meegan had the privilege of compiling the first edition of Jamaica’s Compendium of Sustainable Development Indicators in 2003 while serving as Corporate Strategy Planner to the National Environment and Planning Agency of Jamaica (NEPA).

The Marathoner strives to help entrepreneurs succeed in business for the long haul by addressing  the top challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the context of the Caribbean immigrant entrepreneur (with relevance to all diaspora markets).  Its name Marathoner serves to debunk stereotypes related to people of colour and their ability to find success in sports but not in business.

The Noësis, Strategy and Performance Magazine/Journal aims to facilitate growth of the pool of Caribbean Business and Strategy related grey literature as well as trust in Caribbean entrepreneurs by facilitating authorship in their areas of expertise.

Meegan is committed to partnering for and delivering influential evaluations, as well as facilitating the use and demand for evaluation within and beyond the Jamaican diaspora, host countries and the Caribbean.