What The CoP is Not

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The CoP is not a startup community!

CoP Myth #1: A Facebook Group


The CoP is a knowledge sharing, active learning, market, and research hub. It is not a Facebook Group.

It is not about adding on Caribbean diaspora entrepreneurs for additional reach; its reason for being is rooted in the need for changing the results of Caribbean Immigrant entrepreneurs.

It is a registered nonprofit organization.

With its day-to-day work, connection, research, and marketplace housed on the Facebook social media platform the CoP is positioned to deliver relevant solutions that are inclusive in terms of access to information, markets, and networks as well as financial accessibility.

It is where families, friends, fellow alumni, social workers, politicians, members of the diaspora in different continents and others can stumble upon the CoP opportunity and bring it to the attention of one of our entrepreneurs, or a community member sitting on the fence of becoming an entrepreneur. It is where the real entrepreneur who constantly seek out knowledge will come across its existence and seize the opportunity to give and to receive.

The CoP is therefore in a perfect space as a solution that is relevant, effective, and inclusive as it relates to access, as well as for facilitating formal and informal learning on how-to do business for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey ―from the retired to the startup.

Moreover, where social media and the CoP hub intersects is fertile ground for the kind of shared knowledge that is equivalent to social capital―a concept advanced by Harold Jarche’s framework for Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM).

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