BIDEM™ — The International Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs’ Conference and Trade Show

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About the Conference and Trade Show


The ultimate Caribbean Entrepreneur Development Conference and Trade Show for both first generation Caribbean immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs.

With or without Caribbean roots, Canadian entrepreneurs along with those in other OECD member countries, other diasporic host countries,  and Caribbean entrepreneurs at home will find a welcoming home at BIDEM.

It is convened by The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Magate Wildhorse Ltd.


Summed up in the name of this evergreen annual event are its purpose and major intended outcome.

Bridged, high impact diaspora entrepreneurs to efficient diasporic markets!

Now you know what the unmissable BIDEM, pronounced “BID-EM” stands for. 

BIDEM—designed to close the entrepreneurial skills gap of Caribbean immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs in all diasporic markets.

Organized to facilitate home to diaspora and diaspora to home learning, talent, and business exchange for driving innovation and growth.

BIDEM is the must-not-be-missed entrepreneurs’ event.

A cutting-edge learning and knowledge exchange forum plus marketplace that unlocks diaspora and home markets.  BIDEM, powered up by one-of-a-kind global diaspora matchmaking sessions― where building networks and deals takes priority over networking.  It is a coming together of top-notch presenters, facilitators, vendors, buyers, suppliers, financiers, academia, entrepreneurs, governments, media, products, and services from all Caribbean markets, in one city for three days.

An entrepreneur’s university, apprentice floor,  market, and carnival if you will!

Join us at the wellspring for accelerating the growth of high impact, as well as weak but ambitious entrepreneurs.  Join us at the fount head where bridges are laid, and key diasporic markets are unlocked for entrepreneurs in the diaspora and at home.

Find value and build trust

Be part of a culture that seeks out and finance strong as well as weak but ambitious Caribbean businesses.  Meet partners and financiers. Put your business on parade!

Who is it for?
When and Where?

Toronto is the home of BIDEM which is held annually during  the second week of October.

The event will be held in Toronto in alternate years and travel to another Caribbean diasporic country market every other year.

BIDEM the first-ever International Caribbean Immigrant & Diaspora Entrepreneurs’ Conference and Trade Show with high impact global diasporic market matchmaking sessions.

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