Revenue Assurance & Revenue Protection: Principles for Turnaround & Organisational Transformation

Room D -

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Andrea Livingston-Prince, MBA

This session tackles revenue risks in organizations.

It presents best practice to identify, quantify, report on and address revenue risk.

Time: 75 -minute talk plus Q&A

What you will learn and key takeaways:

  • Methods to identify the way to growth in tough times
  • Systematic path to turnaround
  • Models for vulnerable firms and provide hope to founders, team members and leaders


“Connecting the Roots, Building Networks Together for Profit and Purpose”


This session aims to help businesses with business leaders with Caribbean roots as well as entrepreneurs from Canada and other mainstream groups to get a grip on the profit component of the event theme.

Revenue assurance and protection is key to ensuring your business becomes or maintain its status as a going concern.

It provides pragmatic structure for situations where there is shocking and unstructured occurrences which demands transformation, is the case of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Diasporans will find useful lessons for addressing cultural barriers to revenue protection.

This session is intended to help drive SDGs # 8 ―Decent Work through strong businesses and SDG 11 ― Sustainable Cities and Communities in home and diasporic markets.


This a is utilization-focused session, all levels can comprehend, use, and benefit.

It is suitable to private sector development practitioners, consultants and policy agents, business development actors and entrepreneurs.