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Women’s Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges amidst COVID-19

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Mona Shrestha Adhikari

This discussion will take a general view of women’s entrepreneurship the ongoing opportunities and challenges in general and in the case of Nepal, a  least developed country LDC.

It will address the challenges of women entrepreneurs in Nepal (South Asian) and also highlight the opportunities that was well captured in the past few months amidst COVID-19 pandemic.  It is hoped that Caribbean women of Asian lineage at home and in the diaspora will benefit as well as women of Asian heritage who are themselves diasporans in Canada and other Nepalese diasporic markets.

The speaker will highlight the case of NePal amidst COVID-19.  It aims to  draw insights and link with women entrepreneurs in the Caribbean context also.


Time: 75 Min. including Q & A

What you will learn and key takeaways:

Lessons learnt from Nepal and how various elements of entrepreneurship is now more crucial  to address in difficult times, as well as food for thought leading businesses in general.

“Connecting the Roots, Building Networks Together for Profit and Purpose”

The session will discuss the importance of building networks and working in partnership with private sector and development agencies.

The experience of Nepal is one that can be replicated elsewhere for delivering global goals.

Who Is It For?

For general audience, utilitization-focused.