FinTech & Artificial Intelligence

Digital Process Transformation or Platform Economy: Challenges & Opportunities

Room B October 15, 2020 10:00 am - 11.15

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Claudio E. Fiorillo

What You Will Learn

In this breakout session, attendees will gain the knowledge, vision and perspective needed to better lead and manage change. They will gain a deep understanding of the macro trends, emerging technologies, and cultural changes that are shaping the future of the financial industry. Likewise, they will learn how to adjust,  establish connections with their peers who face similar challenges, establish long-lasting and mutually supportive relationships as the entire financial industry in the Americas undergoes a radical transformation.

This intensive workshop will encourage and help you to  understand what is really needed to manage innovation and anticipate the tsunami of digital disruption.

Key Session Takeaways

Participants will gain a strong foundation in the following critical areas:

  • Learning the language and culture of innovation that is transforming the industry
  • How to incorporate innovation in the strategy development process
  • How to design innovative launch strategies into the market that create value for customers and estimate growth
  • How to apply process automation to generate speed, efficiency and a frictionless customer experience (CX)
  • Understanding how to incorporate data-based strategies to identify and exploit new or unexplored markets
  • How to apply innovative and disruptive strategies to incorporate Fintechs into the value proposition
  • How to establish a business based on Platforms

“Connecting the Roots, Building Networks Together for Profit and Purpose”

Essentially because digital transformation is potentiated (heightened) with the current situation of Pandemic  in which we live and do business, we must pass one way or another to the digital world dominated by platforms. Network models are the structural basis of current business models and it is necessary to be able to educate the most needed sectors with the same tools that large private corporations already have to be included. Network models have more thank commercial purpose, they also carries social values. Communities are generated from the roots, generating networks with certain inclusives built in means everyone wins.

Digital business models has the potential to drive financial inclusion.

Today we can believe that digital business was born with Amazon, however, we could say that the fuel was in Kenya with M-Pesa, if they could be why you?

This session will help our attendees with strategic thinking and considerations related to how they too can accelerate the delivery of SDGs #9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure ;  SDG #11- Sustainable Cities and Communities; and SDG# 8 Decent Work.


Who Is It For?

This a is utilization-focused session, all levels can comprehend, use, and benefit.

It is relevant to all business leaders today in this age of rapid change.